WRDSMTH [Interview]

September 14, 2017


WRDSMTH is a quickly rising street artist known for his uplifting messages on iconic typewriters around the world. He has been honored as one of The Art of Elysium's emerging artists, has been covered on various media outlets such as CBS and Playboy and has sold pieces alongside Banksy at Julien's Auctions.


PF: What city do you live in? 

WRDSMTH: Los *Angels*


PF: When did you start art and/or street art? 
WRDSMTH: November 2013


PF: Why did you start art and/or street art? What was your inspiration?
WRDSMTH: I started on a whim because I needed/wanted an active hobby. I was inspired daily by all the amazing street art in Los Angels. 


PF: How would you describe your art? Are there common themes that connect your work? 
WRDSMTH: I am a word-based artist who aims to spread positive messages, romantic vibes, and funny notions.


PF: What is your favorite city to work in?
WRDSMTH: Los Angeles and London


PF: What are your goals as an artist? 
WRDSMTH: My goal is to spread my words to as many people in as many cities as possible.


PF: What is your dream art project? 
WRDSMTH: To help Banksy put a piece up on the moon.


PF: What has been one of the most interesting reactions to your street art, either as you were putting up new work, or afterwards?
WRDSMTH: I receive messages every days from people who my words are affecting. One very memorable one was home someone who said my work chased away the thoughts of suicide a friend was having, which, in turn, also saved the person's life who was writing me.


PF: Who are your favorite artists?
WRDSMTH: JMW Turner, Monet, and Banksy


PF: Tell us another interesting about yourself (doesn't have to be about art)... 
WRDSMTH: I love baseball and football. I also play fantasy baseball and football and I am quite good at it.





 You can browse the Paper and Fabric x WRDSMTH Collection here. 

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