Padhia Avocado [Interview]

September 14, 2017


Padhia is a street artist and writer. Her work is psychological commentary that amplifies the power of hope and the resilience of humans. She is the founder of the Love Me Anyways and Unfuk Yourself street art series, spreading love and hope with her uplifting messages around the city.


PF: What city do you live in? 
Padhia: Los Angeles


PF: When did you start art and/or street art? 
Padhia: I used to stand on my tippy toes and grab anything I could reach from my crib and draw all over everything including my face.


PF: How would you describe your art? Are there common themes that connect your work? 

Padhia: Obscure feelings that no one really knows how to articulate.


PF: What is your favorite city to work in?
Padhia: Any one where they don't chop off your hands as punishment for street art.


PF: What are your goals as an artist?
Padhia: To keep creating bigger and bolder things which disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed, and go on all the adventures that unfold as a result.



PF: What is your dream art project?
Padhia: Creating a show where you walk through a series of warehouse rooms and each room has a giant and somewhat shocking dimensional installation that is abstract commentary / articulation of subtle aspects of the human experience for the purpose of catharsis.


PF: What has been one of the most interesting reactions to your street art, either as you were putting up new work, or afterwards?
Padhia: A guy on a bike riding by screaming all the way down the street for like a mile "whut da f#ckkkkk wuz datttttt. no for reals thooooo whuh da f#ckkkkk WAZZZzzzz DAAAaaaaaaaa"


PF: Who are your favorite artists? 
Padhia: Marilyn Manson (omg his watercolors!!), Tim Burton, Punk Me Tender, DOC, and my number one always, Prince.


PF: Tell us another interesting about yourself:
Padhia: My number one goal in life is to have a canon like Ringling Bros that I can shoot out of every morning into the sun. Waking up any other way just doesn't work for me. So maybe the bed would be mechanized to dump me into it at a certain time or something. With a glitter helmet, of course.



You can browse the Paper and Fabric x Padhia Avocado collection here. 

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