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July 30, 2017



On an early Sunday morning in March, the street artist WRDSMTH welcomed us to his process while putting up one of eight pieces for The Bloc in Downtown Los Angeles. 

The Bloc is an open-air, mixed use (retail + residences) revamp to what was once a confined shopping center. In an attempt to provide an inviting space that speaks to the assorted yet creative points of view in DTLA, developers commissioned work from the LA based street artist. 


WRDSMTH is an accomplished writer from the Midwest who decided to restart in LA in pursuit of happiness. In November 2013, while working on more long-form content at a desk in his Hollywood apartment, he initially took up street art as a hobby to stretch his limbs and get outside. Bringing his writing talents to the sidewalks, he started wheat pasting uplifting messages above an iconic typewriter. WRDSMTH explains that he wanted to "say things I wish someone said to me when I first moved to LA."

The flood of positive feedback fueled his drive to learn more about the street art craft and to continue publishing his short, sweet and powerful messages in public spaces around the world. Soon enough, he amassed a global audience, which led to both public and private commissions. "It's that Butterfly Effect, you know?"  


 His new pieces at The Bloc reflect a new style giving the words greater spotlight, with a smaller typewriter serving as the signature. In front of the soon-to-be painted wall, a crate brimming with spray paint and tape sits next to large stencils.  He creates these stencils by adhering them to mesh to avoid any bridges - a process he learned from another street artist, Teacher. After several coats of black spray paint, the words emerge: "Dear LA, I love you. I heart you. I love you. I heart you. I love you."

As a writer, WRDSMTH enjoys the public placement of street art, noting that "I'm being read every day." With the many future visitors and residents at The Bloc, this street writer is about to get many more readers. 



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